Henry's Biography

Our Master Color Specialist

First of all, you must know this about Henry Calcagno, he absolutely LOVES what he does and is very passionate about it! Henry has been in the hair industry for over 40 years which gives Touchin’ Up a very sturdy foundation. He knows exactly how to take care of hair with hair color being one of his many strengths. He is an expert at his craft.

At Touchin’ Up, we are privileged to have Henry as a founding member and a great resource. An average person’s hair grows ½ an inch per month. Henry has made a fine art of root touch ups. He expertly knows how to match and blend color so that a full color is not needed at every visit. He oversees the training of all our Hair Color Associates. At Touchin’ Up, a cosmetology license isn’t enough.

Henry Calcagno

Principal, Master Color Specialist,

Touchin' Up Team Leader,

Color Trainer

No employee will touch your hair until Henry gives his seal of approval.

Henry is a devoted husband and father, also an active participant in his community and within the hair Industry. Some of his accolades include:

 • National Platform artist 10 years for Joico International• Professional Inspirational Speaker for 10 years• Featured 3 times in Salon City Star Magazine; also featured in California Stylist Publication• Italian Difiaba National Color Team Creative Director• Partner in Touchin ’Up LLC

 Our Process

Creating the Perfect Match

At Touchin' Up we follow a proven method of hair color touch-ups. Nothing is left to guess work, all is measured, weighed and timed, so it's a Perfect Match every time. Then your personal formula is stored in our data base, so the next time you come in we can apply the same one or adjust it based on your need. Here is our process:

Color Consultation

It starts with a brief 10 minute consultation where our color expert matches your hair color.

Choosing the Perfect Match

We use top quality professional hair color to match your color perfectly.

Weighing the Exact Amount

The color recipe is portioned out by exact weight on our digital scale, we don't just "eye-ball" it.

Adding Developer

Developer is added in, again by exact amount based on weight.

Hand Mixing

The formula is then mixed by hand to the proper consistency.

Applying the Color

Our professional staff applies the color. Every member of the staff has been trained by our color expert.

Detailed Application

We don't just touch-up where your hair is parted but it's throughly applied to cover all new growth.

Process Timing

The process is then accurately timed so there is no guess-work. Perfect every time!

Shampoo & Rinse

Next, a relaxing shampoo and rinse. You can either blow dry yourself or add a professional blow out.