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Here are some frequently asked questions that our color expert Henry Calcagno will address. With over 40 years in the beauty industry and National Platform artist 10 years for Joico international, and Touchin' Up managing partner, Henry knows everything about color matching and getting perfect results. If you have a questions not covered below, use the form on the right to "Ask Henry" your personal questions. Your question may even be featured right here!

  • Why choose Touchin' Up?

    We provide a unique service that brings you high quality professional color product and application with convenience at an affordable price.  We respect your time and use a no-hassle process with no clean-up on your part, like home products.

  • Do you touch up men’s hair?

    Absolutely, yes! We do color blending for men so that it looks natural and eliminates the defined line for grown out roots.

  • How do I know my color will be matched correctly?

    Our Touchin’ Up staff is highly trained by expert color educators.  Our staff are color matching and design experts. And, we do guarantee our work.

  • If I use box color, can you match my roots?

    Absolutely, yes!

  • What is the difference between box color?

    Box color from retail stores are inferior to the high quality professional color products used at Touchin’ Up.

  • If my hair is lighter, but my roots are darker, can you touch
    up my hair?

    Yes! We will match your roots to the rest of your hair color.

  • How much time will this take?

    The Touchin’ Up experience for a basic touch-up will take about one hour not including extra services for clear coats, blow dry styling. Allow 10 minutes for first time consultation and formulations.

  • After my touch up is complete, what are my hair style options?

    We do provide a free self-service blow dry bar. We also provide a blow dry by one of our staff as an additional service.

  • How long will the color last?

    We use permanent color for our applications. As in all permanent color, color can slowly fade.

  • If I have highlights, can I still do a touch up?

    Depends on the complication of the highlights. Our highly trained Touchin’ Up staff could further answer this question for your specific needs. We definitely take care of any root color changes that need to be addressed.

  • Can I request a specific stylist?

    All of our staff is trained the same and provide the same high quality care. Our priority is to make sure that someone is available to meet the schedules of our guests.


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